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Absent county governments, CT stands to gain from federal ‘county equivalent’...

Technically, no county governments means no federal money -- something the Nutmeg State has wrestled with for over 50 years.

CT lawmakers debate who should control zoning: State or municipalities?

“If we want effective, efficient government, then zoning has to be in the hands of the towns,” says State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello (R-Greenwich).

Western Connecticut Council of Governments seeking public comment on regional plan

The plan is required to make “its recommendations for the general use of the area” including land use, housing, transportation, public utilities and “other matters as, in the opinion of the council, will be beneficial to the area.”

Public input absent as WestCOG works on transportation plan

The group is working hard to get public comment ahead of writing its long-range transportation plan: “We’re on track to exceed the number of people who attended our meetings for the last plan, in 2015,” said WestCOG Executive Director Francis Pickering. That number, however, was just 10.