Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Greenburgh police: Fragment came from closed gun range

The Westchester County Police Revolver and Rifle League was shut down after a bullet fragment allegedly hit a Greenburgh woman in the leg, but concerns remain.

Greenburgh shooting range will lose its lease

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner says he has been notified by Consolidated Edison Inc., which owns the property, that it will terminate the lease with the gun range.

No resolution in Greenburgh shooting range dispute

The town delays considering an ordinance that would close a 70-year-old shooting range, while an attorney for the business says it would sue if the law passes.

Residents look to close Greenburgh shooting range business

The town will introduce an ordinance that would effectively shutter a 70-year-old firing range amid criticism stemming from residents of a neighboring complex.

Feiner backs legislation that would close shooting range

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is supporting an ordinance that would regulate outdoor shooting ranges and effectively close an existing range in Greenburgh.

Firing range operations suspended pending investigation

A Greenburgh resident was injured in her backyard by what she believes was a fragment of a bullet from a nearby shooting range.