Monday, December 5, 2022
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Westchester launches $5M round of Business First Grant funding

To be eligible, the organization’s primary location must be in Westchester County.

Construction giant Turner to teach in Westchester ‘how it’s done’

An icon of the construction industry that reports having a staff of 10,000 employees and completing $12 billion of construction on 1,500 projects each...

Westchester County seeks to launch tech accelerator program

The Westchester Office of Economic Development has issued a request for proposals for a consultant to take the lead on developing a tech accelerator program for the county.

Element 46’s newest cohort will focus on tech

Seven startups, all oriented around technology and innovation through the use of technology, make up the latest cohort of Westchester County’s Element 46 incubator...

Startups Wanted: Westchester’s Element 46 incubator taking applications

The Westchester County Office of Economic Development announced that it is seeking startups to join the third cohort of its incubator program, Element 46. Benefits...

Westchester County launches Advanced Manufacturing Industry Desk, task force

Task force members include Deborah Novick, director of entrepreneurship and innovation for Westchester Office of Economic Development, as co-chair.

Westchester’s Element 46 incubator seeking startups for next round

Do you have a great idea for a startup business? The Westchester County Office of Economic Development is seeking applications from entrepreneurs for the...

Bridget Gibbons: Westchester County IDA’s role in helping business thrive and...

Gibbons, deputy director of the county's Office of Economic Development, writes that Westchester businesses "don’t have to go it alone."