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Should reproductive technology be inevitable?

Recently, Alan Kadish, M.D., and John D. Loike, Ph.D., co-authored an article in The Scientist magazine about the medical and ethical limits of such reproductive technologies as cloning and parthenogenesis (the creation of an organism from an unfertilized egg, from the Greek meaning “virgin birth”). We asked them to elaborate on this provocative read.

Westchester Women’s Summit postponed: Gretchen Carlson and Susan Rice still to...

The Westchester Women's Summit featuring keynote speakers Gretchen Carlson and Ambassador Susan Rice has been postponed to Sept. 10 as a result of COVID-19...

Westchester businesses receive suggestions for facing 2020

Bridget Gibbons, director of economic development for Westchester County, said the market has "been constrained by the lack of housing and also the lack of affordable housing. Our economy’s not really going to grow unless we can bring people here to fill the open positions to help our businesses grow."

Print journalism: Because it still matters

Our new tagline – ‘Print journalism: Because it still matters’ – seems particularly prescient in light of the recent decision by Verizon to end its arrangement with the Rye Brook-based Regional News Network (RNN) to produce local news channels for Fios cable TV.

CPAs honored at Beyond the Bottom Line event

Professionals who hold businesses accountable were honored at the awards ceremony honoring CPAs on Nov. 10 at the Whitby Castle.

Doctors of Distinction ceremony spotlights best in Westchester’s medical field

A group of 11 accomplished doctors — and one future doctor— were honored at the annual event at the New York Medical College in Valhalla.

Doctors of Distinction to honor Westchester’s top physicians

The fourth annual event, co-sponsored by the Westchester County Business Journal and accounting firm Citrin Cooperman, will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 27 at New York Medical College in Valhalla.

Westchester County Newsmakers, 1.13.2014

Westchester County Newsmakers, from the Jan. 13, 2014 edition of The Westchester County Business Journal.

Business Journal reporter reveals his status as a movie super fan

Westchester County Business Journal reporter Sam Barron reveals in a New York Times interview his unusual affinity for films.

Above the Bar Awards 2013

The “Academy Awards” of the Westchester legal profession, the Above the Bar Awards is co-sponsored by Citrin Cooperman, Pace Law School, Westchester County Business Journal, Westchester County Bar Association and the Westchester Women’s Bar Association.

Tax wrap

New credits, filing methods a collective learning curve for CPAs, individual filers.