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Macquarie makes bid to operate Westchester County Airport

The New York City-based infrastructure company responded to an RFP from the county for a 40-year lease to manage the airport.

Residents rip proposed master plan for Westchester County Airport

At a public hearing on a draft master plan for the airport, many residents questioned its impact on the environment and on the county's terminal use agreement that limits passenger numbers.

Rally held in opposition to Westchester County Airport deal

Many rally participants held signs reading “No to Airport Privatization” and “No to LaGuardia North.”

Gelfarb announces airport privatization opposition; rally scheduled

Gelfarb cited a number of reasons for his opposition to the privatization of the Westchester County Airport, including the lease term and environmental issues.

Oaktree Capital bids again to manage Westchester County Airport

The company plans to respond to a request for proposals issued by the county earlier this month to operate the airport.

JetSmarter to launch first FBO lounge at Westchester County Airport

The lounge, which is the result of a partnership with Ross Aviation, will provide JetSmarter members with an added experience as they travel in and out of the region.

Executive Jet Management cuts 37 jobs at Westchester County Airport

The company said it would close its operation at the airport by March, citing "economic" reasons.

Westchester legislators pass $1.8 billion county budget

The Board of Legislators passed a $1.8 billion "flat" budget for 2017, though some Democrats criticize the budget for stretching the county’s operations too thin.

Westchester County legislators skeptical about proposed airport lease

The $140 million plan that would transfer management of the Westchester County Airport to a Los Angeles-based investment firm must be approved by the County Board of Legislators.

Westchester County proposes $140M plan to lease airport to Oaktree Capital

The county expects the 40-year, revenue-sharing deal to improve passenger experience, energize the local economy and strengthen environmental protections without increasing the airport’s footprint.

Million Air breaks ground at Westchester County Airport

The company will invest $70 million in new infrastructure at the airport, including a new 20,000-square-foot terminal, expanded 50,000-square-foot hangar and ramp facility upgrades.

Business travelers grin — or at least bear it — when...

There are plenty of options outside of the county -- but none are particularly convenient.

Million Air lands new lease with Westchester County Airport

Million Air, a Houston-based aviation company, will invest $70 million in new infrastructure at Westchester County Airport, according to President and CEO Roger Woolsey....

Westchester County Airport gets $315,000 for upgrades

After being awarded $234,000 for infrastructure projects earlier this month, the county airport gets another $315,000.

Westchester County Airport receives $234K in federal funding

The Westchester County Airport will receive $234,000 in funding that will go toward upgrading the airport's access road.