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Nestlé Waters North America broadens sparkling water product lines

“As consumers increasingly choose healthy beverages over sugary soft drinks and juices, they are looking for exciting new options,” said Antonio Sciuto, chief marketing officer.

Americans concerned about water, Xylem study finds

As Xylem celebrates its one year anniversary, a survey conducted by the global water technology company shows that people are more concerned about water than ever.

GE to split energy unit into three

General Electric is splitting GE Energy into three divisions reporting directly to CEO Jeff Immelt.

State to examine declining lobster population

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection announced July 10 that it will be studying the declining lobster population in the Long Island Sound. Since...

Making safe the world’s water

Xylem Inc., the water technology company headquartered in White Plains and ITT Corp. spinoff business, this month was recognized by an international corporate philanthropy...