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Design-build bill awaits Malloy’s signature

The state will allow agencies to issue consolidated bids covering design and construction.

RAUM is burning hedge funds

Hedge funds are steamed at a new regulatory requirement they say does not accurately portray risk in the industry.

GE antes up to IRS

GE’s federal tax rate swung to positive territory in 2011.

In the field

Pat Callahan is wrapping up a 30-year career at Pepperidge Farm, and other Fairfield County business news.

May 5 ‘freedom’ for Conn. taxpayers

The Tax Foundation set May 5 as the annual “tax freedom day” in Connecticut.

Obama’s budget spells bad news for the county

Obama’s budget proposals target the wealthiest residents in Fairfield County and elsewhere.

In the field

The SEC is stepping up scrutiny of private equity firms, and other news impacting Fairfield County businesses.

SEC urged to consider ads for hedge funds

The industry is pushing the government to allow hedge funds to advertise.

‘Through the crucible’

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy argues that the state’s worst days are behind it.

State eyes wage chained to CPI

Connecticut will consider legislation to raise the minimum wage to $9.75 and link it to inflation.

In brief

News and notes from around Fairfield County.

Recession grinds down on dentists, patients alike

The recession has been gnawing at the dental industry, with reports citing a drop in office visits and one professional noting more stress-related tooth problems.

Business briefs

News and notes from around Fairfield County and Connecticut