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Bridgeport ranked second-to-worst among U.S. cities for retirement

Only Newark, New Jersey, was considered by WalletHub as a less inviting retirement location.

Survey ranks Connecticut second-to-last as summer road trip destination

The new WalletHub survey “2018’s Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips” ranked Connecticut as 49th out of the 50 states.

Study: New York is second most “fun” state, Connecticut ranks 38th

A new WalletHub ranking of "fun" states as determined by entertainment, sports, hospitality and recreation-focused activities found New York in second place and Connecticut ranked 38th.

New York is the third-worst state for doctors, WalletHub study finds

One of the biggest knocks against working in New York as a doctor – long cited by physicians themselves – is the high cost of malpractice liability insurance.

WalletHub study finds Connecticut is the most energy-expensive state

The WalletHub study found Connecticut had the nation’s second highest home heating oil costs ($76 per month) and the third highest monthly electric costs ($166 per month).

Trump tax plan gets mixed reviews from business community

Frustration over a lack of detail leaves observers hopeful but wary.

New York and Connecticut score low in best places to practice...

However, Connecticut ranked fifth among the states with the least punitive state medical boards.

Survey gives NY and CT mixed results as retirement states

Both states rank poorly in affordability measurements.