Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Giving something back

Jim Calhoun’s summation of a game sums up how many of us would like to see our careers unfold.

Court clears way for Costco project

A state Supreme Court judge orders a partner in a stalled Yorktown land deal to drop his opposition to a Costco development.

Too bad

Bad news if at this time last year you were still under the age of 40 – there was a 98 percent chance your boss, deep down, didn’t give a hoot about you.

Too tough?

How many more companies will miss the opportunity to seek a CQIA or 40 Under 40 award?

Startups launch with roots at Walker Digital

A pair of startups are developing software with roots at Stamford-based Walker Digital.

Think tanks starts up in Bridgeport

The Comeback America Initiative, based in Bridgeport, seeks to bring attention to the nation’s economic peril.