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Suite Talk: Stelios Stavrianos, founder and CEO of Cylinder Vodka

The Stamford-headquartered entrepreneur sought to bring a smoother tasting vodka to the market.

Diageo’s Smirnoff vodka brand launches Fourth of July party promotion

Smirnoff promises to turn the winning entry into "an epic celebration" for the winner.

Diageo upgrades Smirnoff No. 21 with non-GMO corn

The Norwalk-headquartered company stated that the ingredient change was aimed at consumers who avoid gluten and GMO ingredients in their beverages.

Couple opens Fairfield County’s first distillery since Prohibition

Asylum Distillery won a silver medal this year from the American Distilling Institute 2017 for its gin, and the product line is now in 95 retail outlets in Connecticut.

Flavorful recycling

Distiller’s used oak barrels becoming as popular as the contents.