Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Generational mashup: Senior living community at Purchase College 60% sold before...

A senior living community that can be traced to a concept first voiced in 2003, but which has not yet broken ground, already has...

Going (almost) all-virtual is a reality for Stamford Innovation Week

“We thought it would be crazy, if not a little irresponsible, to not have it take place this year," says the annual event's founder and executive director Jon Winkel.

The Next Big Thing: XRHealth brings virtual reality to telehealth services

XRHealth calls itself "the first certified Extended Reality medical company in the world."

Stamford’s SoldierStrong teams with VA to treat post-traumatic stress with VR...

SoldierStrong noted that an estimated 20 military veterans take their lives each day.

Michael Guberti: Three ways to grow your business with virtual and...

According to Statista, there are 171 million virtual reality users worldwide. Multiple businesses have begun using these digital realities to engage potential customers.

Toll Brothers uses virtual reality to sell Edge-on-Hudson condos

Envisioning your future million-dollar home within a former industrial site is no easy task. Toll Brothers is trying to make it easier through the...

Diageo debuts virtual reality series on binge drinking

Diageo has produced and released "Decisions: Party's Over," a virtual reality series designed to discourage binge drinking.

New Rochelle targets augmented and mixed reality industry to ‘save the...

In looking to the city's past economic drivers, officials will again turn to artists and creators to bring jobs to the growing city.

Maplewood Senior Living testing high-tech products for residents

"New technologies like VR can really expand a resident's world," said Brian Geyser, vice president of clinical innovation and population health.