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Tarrytown steel supplier Elof Hansson USA wins $1.4M from exec who...

Elof Hansson “proved by a preponderance of evidence,” Vincent Briccetti ruled Nov. 23, that Santiago diverted company funds to himself and violated his duty of undivided loyalty and the faithless servant doctrine.

Stricken ghost tax preparer sentenced to one day in ‘very uncommon...

“Magnaldi’s need for medical care is an exceptionally compelling factor that, in this case, outweighs the other sentencing factors, which all cut the other way,” prosecutors stated.

Fizzled ‘coke’ deal costs Harrison trader $3.6M

The “coke” in question was pet coke, a byproduct of petroleum refining that is used to fuel cement kilns.

Hartsdale dry cleaning tax scofflaw held in contempt of court

Even as negotiations continued, a federal prosecutor wrote to U.S. District Judge Vincent Briccetti, Calderon continued to fail paying taxes.

Carmel lawyer Carla Marin consents to pay $4M estate tax bill

If Marin and the estate pay $3.3 million within 90 days they can save $661,432.

IRS $2.9M Hudson Valley estate tax case survives legal challenge

The government sufficiently alleged that Carla Marin “engaged in self-dealing of estate assets for her own personal benefit,” Briccetti found, “thereby depriving the estate of significant rental income.”

Iranian businessman imprisoned for buying weapons material from Hudson Valley company

“The defendant knew the carbon fiber he was working to illegally procure and export was destined for use in Iran’s WMD program,” Gillian S. Grossman, an assistant U.S. attorney, states.

White Plains retiree wins $450,000 judgment against unregistered financial adviser

Frank Allgaier gave Greg Aberle access to his IRA account, according to a court filing, “and unwittingly fell into (Aberle’s) trap.”

Mount Kisco doctor’s Lyme disease libel claim dismissed

U.S. District Judge Vincent L. Briccetti did not rule on the merits of Cameron’s complaint but he granted Bellamy’s motion to dismiss “for lack of personal jurisdiction.”

Feds demand Hudson Valley bakery records for IRS investigation

“The testimony and documents sought by the summons may be relevant to, and can reasonably be expected to cast light upon, the subject of the IRS’s investigation,” the petition states.

Archie Andrews wins and loses in real-life comic case

“This case boils down to an ownership dispute,” U.S. District Judge Vincent Briccetti said in his Aug. 29 opinion.

CNR controller Keith Borge sentenced to 3 years in prison

If he were really committed to CNR, he would not have retired in 2016 at age 60; he would have stuck it out and handled the financial problems openly and honestly, Judge Vincent Briccetti said.

Judge dismisses $17.5M malpractice charge against White Plains lawyer

Most of the charges are either duplicative or were filed too late, the judge ruled, but the malpractice accusation is “better addressed on a more complete record at the summary judgment stage or at trial.”

Judge declines to quash Obex Group summonses in Platinum Partners case

The judge ruled that their motion for reconsideration “is a thinly-veiled attempt to relitigate the motion to dismiss.”

Public access outweighs privacy in The Tuxedo Club case

“Protection against the possibility of future adverse impact on employment,” U.S. District Judge Vincent L. Briccetti said in a Dec. 6 opinion, “does not overcome the presumption of public access.”