Sunday, October 2, 2022
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A new GM for Bloomingdale’s White Plains as Bloomie’s turns the...

Lorri Baldwin has become the new general manager of Bloomingdale’s White Plains as the company celebrates its 150th anniversary nationwide.

Study: Conn. graduates in hock

In Connecticut, graduates of universities and colleges face among the biggest loan burdens in the nation at $27,800 on average.

Conn. taxes: low, high or what?

A new report by Ernst & Young paints an unusual picture of Connecticut’s state and local business taxes.

Thomson Reuters is first Conn. ‘captive’

Four years after Connecticut created a new law authorizing “captive” insurance companies here, Thomson Reuters became the first to establish one here

Clayton Holdings molds a new company

After vetting the securities formed from bad mortgages, Clayton Holdings is now helping banks – and the federal government – work through those loans.

Minnesota a model for college governance

The governor wants to govern Connecticut colleges the same way as Minnesota.