Friday, October 7, 2022
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USB chief, outgoing CBA Chair Cynthia Merkle: Sector strong, but 2022...

Cynthia Merkle thinks 2022 “is going to be a difficult year. We really have to watch our expenses.”

Union Savings Bank emerges from pandemic stronger, but plenty of challenges...

“A lot depends on how quickly people go back to their old behaviors,” the Danbury bank's president and CEO says.

Union Savings Bank joins the instant debit card issuance revolution

Experts say such technology "can enhance the customer experience, enable card personalization, decrease costs and generate revenue,” one banking publication says.

Survey ranks Union Savings Bank as second in CT in pandemic...

"It’s particularly meaningful since the ranking comes from customer feedback," remarked USB President and CEO Cynthia Merkle.

Union Savings Bank joins the contactless debit card bandwagon

According to Grandview Research, global contactless-payment transactions were worth $1.06 trillion in 2019 and were predicted – before the pandemic, at any rate – to reach $1.32 trillion this year.

Stamford distributor U.S. Beverage stays a family affair in a consolidating...

Now in its 20th year, USB has grown from representing six brands to 14, including Canada’s Moosehead, Scotland’s Innis & Gunn, and several American craft labels.