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Insurance carrier enrollment drops 11 percent

In a possible indictment of federal health reform in Connecticut, private insurance carriers covered 320,000 fewer people in 2011 – an 11 percent drop.

Insurance inflation in check – for some

Health insurance premium inflation slowed for much of the nation, though several Connecticut carriers have sought double-digit increases.

Anthem leads NCQA list in Conn.

The National Center for Quality Assurance made Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield its top Connecticut plan.

Insurance carriers go back to school

Connecticut has set up supervisory “colleges” with several insurance giants.

Champions in health care … reform

As January 2014 approaches, do you know the people crafting Connecticut’s new health system?

Business councils offer ACA briefings

Multiple business groups scheduled forums to address the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s health reform ruling.

Health rebates en route

Connecticut small businesses could get $50 back for each employee they carry on their insurance.

News in brief

A landmark theater in Port Chester will undergo extensive renovations, and more…