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Shelton receives $700K in EPA funds for brownfield cleanups

Mayor Mark Lauretti stated the funds will help boost the city's economic revitalization.

CT and NY attorneys general file new lawsuit against EPA on...

"Connecticut sits at the end of our nation's tailpipe, inhaling smog from our country's heaviest polluters," said Tong.

CT and NY attorneys general sue to block EPA’s Affordable Clean...

"The science is indisputable: our climate is changing," New York Attorney General Letitia James said.

EPA collects $1.75M from Bridgeport building owner for environmental cleanup

25 Grant Street LLC was accused of violating the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act.

Connecticut AG Tong to sue Trump administration over Clean Power Plan...

"There is nothing affordable or clean about coal," Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said.

Gov. Cuomo and AG James to sue EPA over GE’s PCB...

The EPA's Walter Mugdan insisted his agency will "move forward with the important work to continue to address PCBs in the Hudson River."

CT and NY sue EPA for failing to regulate interstate smog...

Connecticut and New York are part of a new coalition filing a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the interstate regulation of smog pollution.

Connecticut and New York win against EPA in pollution lawsuit

Connecticut and New York won a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act’s requirement to control the smog pollution from upwind states.

CT Port Authority granted status in Long Island Sound dredging case...

The Port Authority plans to argue that the disposal of approved dredge material is vital to ensuring that waters remain open for commercial shippers and recreational boaters.

EPA rejects Connecticut petition concerning Pennsylvania plant’s emissions

“Once again, the Trump administration is putting the lives of Connecticut residents at risk,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said in a statement.

Federal court backs Connecticut in lawsuit against EPA over emissions petition

U.S. District Judge Warren Eginton faulted the agency for violating the Clean Air Act by not responding to the petition within a 60-day time limit.

Gov. Malloy welcomes EPA reversal on pollution standards delay

With the EPA’s new ruling, Gov. Dannel Malloy welcomed the news as a victory for “all those fighting for clean air in America,”

Malloy to EPA: Delayed ozone standards hurts Connecticut economy

“The cost of removing additional pollution in Connecticut, where we already have stringent requirements in place, is estimated at $10,000 to $40,000 per ton,” Malloy wrote.

Connecticut sues EPA over Pennsylvania power plant emissions

Although the plant is175 miles from Connecticut, the state attorney general claimed that its emissions contributed to air pollution in his state.

Greenwich Harbor gets temporary dye job for shellfish study

A harmless reddish dye is being released into the harbor on Tuesday as part of a study on how wastewater discharges from the Greenwich Water Pollution Control Facility.