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The four-letter word we just can’t quit

Among the fault lines that the earthquake of Covid-19 has exposed is the chasm between employers, often overworked and understaffed, who think pandemic relief and other government benefits coddle workers; and employees, often overworked and underpaid, who think the coronavirus has only revealed unfair labor practices. The results of this fault line include the controversial phenomenon known as “quiet quitting.”

Pound Ridge couple asks why U.S. Department of Labor bothering them

The agency is asking a judge to order the couple to "cease their disobedience and resistance to these lawfully issued subpoenas or suffer contempt."

Rockland Bakery pays $850K to settle hiring discrimination charges

Rockland Bakery agreed to extend 52 job opportunities to female, Black and Asian applicants.

CT hourly minimum wage rises to $13 on Aug. 1

It will rise by another $1 in each of the next two years.

US Department of Labor spikes Trump era’s ‘Independent Contractor’ rule

The DOL said it anticipates that the rule’s withdrawal will avoid a reduction in workers’ access to employer-provided fringe benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage.

Lamont outlines workforce development proposal; Announces fed grant to train 2,000...

The $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor will help build career pathways in the information technology and advanced manufacturing sectors.

U.S. unemployment insurance claims level off

The U.S. Department of Labor reported this morning that the recent downward trend in new unemployment insurance claims came to a halt during the...

DOL puts positive spin on last unemployment insurance report before election

For the week ended Oct. 24, new unemployment insurance claims in Connecticut stood at 6,020 up 1,625 from 4,395 the previous week. In New York, there were 52,283 new claims, down 2,607 from the previous week.

Westchester has highest Hudson Valley unemployment; U.S. is 16.6 times higher...

The Hudson Valley had an unemployment rate in September of 6.5%, slightly below the average for all 10 regions of the state of 6.6% and dramatically lower than New York City’s rate of 13.9%.

‘Employee’ or ‘independent contractor’? DOL proposed definitions could save companies millions

The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts that, if finalized, the rule could result in net savings for employers of almost $481 million per year, most of that due to reduced litigation costs and fewer benefits payments.

New unemployment insurance claims drop 13%

Connecticut reported a drop of 858 new claims to 5,411 filed -- down from the previous week’s 6,269 claims -- while New York's number of new claims went up by 672 to 63,355 from the previous week’s 62,683.

Pandemic’s economic impact: Huge GDP drop, another unemployment rise

During the second quarter, the GDP lost 32.9%.

Unemployment insurance claims up for the first time in 15 weeks

For the first time in 15 weeks, the number of people filing new claims for unemployment insurance went up.

New unemployment insurance claims push pandemic total to 51.2M

Trump had generally scored well on the economy, with the new Quinnipiac result being his worst net score on the economy since August 2017.

New unemployment insurance claims rise by 1.5M again

There were 1,508,000 new claims made for unemployment insurance during the week ending June 13, according to statistics released this morning by the U.S. Department...