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Absent county governments, CT stands to gain from federal ‘county equivalent’...

Technically, no county governments means no federal money -- something the Nutmeg State has wrestled with for over 50 years.

Report: Connecticut saw 6.4% decline in number of businesses over 10...

Much of the blame for the losses can be assigned to the Great Recession. The surveyed period predates the Covid-19 pandemic.

Census: Stamford now state’s second-largest city as CT grows more diverse

The state's White population dropped by 11%, while the number of its Hispanic/Latino residents rose by 4%. Connecticut's Black and Asian populations also increased.

Census: Westchester population tops 1M

Yonkers inched out Rochester to become the third-largest city in New York state.

Going up: How many new projects are rising in Port Chester’s...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fttRtmoLPOI   There’s new visual evidence demonstrating that the 21st century transformation of the downtown section of Port Chester is accelerating. Visitors to the village can’t help...

Census results: NY loses congressional seat, CT’s delegation remains intact

Gov. Cuomo said he would explore a legal response to contest the census data.

Median sales price for CT single-family homes hits historic peak

The median sale price for condos reached a 10-year high.

Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz encouraged by recovery efforts so far, ‘but you...

All things considered, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz says she is pleased with how Connecticut’s public health and economic recovery efforts are going so far. Noting...

U.S. retail sales up by a record 17.7% in May

However, sales were down 6% from one year earlier.

New Rochelle takes transit-oriented development spotlight in Congress

New Rochelle’s Commissioner of Development Luiz Aragon went to Washington on Jan. 16 to speak before a congressional subcommittee about bipartisan legislation known as the...

Connecticut and New York top two surveys by moving companies for...

Idaho topped both surveys as the state with the highest level of inbound migration.

New York and Connecticut record declining populations

Forty states and the District of Columbia saw population increases.

State-required minimum wage in Westchester going up

The minimum wage required to be paid under New York state law by businesses in Westchester goes up to $13 per hour as planned...

Connecticut is sole state to record 2018 poverty rate increase

Despite the uptick, Connecticut’s poverty rate was lower than the 13.1 percent national average.

CT loses population; highest household incomes are in Fairfield County

The state had 3,572,665 residents between July 1, 2017, and July 2018, representing a loss of 1,215 residents.