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Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton in Twitter feud with state Democrat leader...

Insinuations of jail time and political failures accentuate the social media brawl.

Stamford joins Facebook

City was already on board with Twitter.

The growing power of Twitter

Bruce Newman is the president of wwWebevents.com, a division of The Productivity Institute L.L.C., and the creator of The Complete Webinar Training Course, an online course that helps companies create and promote highly successful webinars. He can be reached at bnewman@prodinst.com.

Marketing on the Web

Kristen Ruby is a publicist that specializes in social media, helping her clients navigate the complicated world of Facebook and Twitter.

The #great social media debate

Three panelists debated the merits of social media March 21 at Benjamin’s Steakhouse in White Plains.

Hurricane highlights power of social media

According to Twitter, more than 20 million tweets between Oct. 27 and Nov. 2 relating to Hurricane Sandy were posted on its platform. On a live and very personal basis, Twitter allowed its users to get a blow-by-blow description of Sandy’s progress and impact.

Pinterest: newest marketing tool

Pinterest.com, a virtual pinboard for photos and articles, is becoming the newest social media platform for businesses to adopt.

Buddy Media sale generates 15-fold return for pension fund

The New York State Common Retirement Fund raked in an estimated $41.2 million from the sale of marketing company Buddy Media to Salesforce.com from an initial investment of $2.8 million, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said last week.

Baker spreads her recipe for success

When Pitney Bowes Inc. examined Michelle Jaffee’s application for its “Small Business Makeover” contest, they immediately saw a recipe for success.

The importance of outstanding content

In this era of copious amounts of written text on websites, blogs, white papers, press releases, industry studies and social media sites, it is...

Weighing the cost of social media

Experts discussed the merits and direction of social media as a component of businesses’ marketing campaigns at a recent roundtable discussion.

What is your EdgeRank?

We constantly hear about Google searches and how search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to get a page 1 listing on Google. SEO is now a dominant part of the online landscape with entire companies devoted to the manipulation of Google’s highly secret ranking algorithm for their advantage (and their clients).

Inside track on social media

In finding a Left Coast alter ego, Alan Meckler may have put his WebMediaBrands on the inside track to sustained growth.

Some concerns about Pinterest

One aspect of Pinterest that is causing increasing concern is the illegal use of copyrighted images and content throughout the site.

Social media analytics get easier to use

Many small businesses are not aware of the increasing ease and sophistication for social media analytics.