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Amazon fires spark U.S. Democratic senators to seek halt to Brazil...

The senators are demanding a halt to trade negotiations with Brazil in protest of that nation’s environmental policies related to the Amazon.

Ray Dalio warns of ‘export embargo war’ between U.S. and China

"Worth keeping in mind is how Chinese and Americans fight wars differently," said the Bridgewater Associates founder.

Israel offers U.S. companies great economic opportunities, says former Ambassador Daniel...

Shapiro also noted potential partnerships exist for U.S. companies in the Palestinian Territories.

U.S. Sen. Murphy heads overseas for talks about Brexit drama

The Connecticut Democrat, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is to meet with officials in London, Belfast and Dublin to discuss the impact of Brexit on transatlantic relations.

Hayes vs. Santos: The fight for the 5th Congressional District

Award-winning teacher Jahana Hayes and former Meriden Mayor Manny Santos are seeking to fill the 5th Congressional District seat vacated by Rep. Elizabeth Esty.

Ray Dalio warns of coming trade conflicts and possibly ‘shooting wars’

Writing in his influential LinkedIn blog, Dalio warned that the Trump administration is creating a climate that could propel the nation into global economic and military conflicts.

1.5 percent of U.S. exports come from Connecticut, survey shows

Seventy-seven percent of companies surveyed for the CBIA said they were engaged in international trade.

State’s exporters stand to gain in talks over trans-Atlantic trade agreement

Experts say Connecticut exporters, led by a burgeoning aerospace industry, are well positioned to reap the benefits of what is being projected as the largest bilateral trade agreement ever reached.