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Fairfield County leads state in median household income – and has...

Continuing flight from New York City and ambitious plans to improve Connecticut's rail system bode well for the future, although one local economics professor wonders if it will truly last.

Suite Talk: Chris Bruhl, president and CEO of The Business Council...

Bruhl discusses what he sees as the county’s strengths, the Business Council’s hopes for the state’s incoming governor – and how the state needs to look beyond its borders for more opportunities.

Stamford 2030 District on target with most goals, expanding its reach

Originally focused on the fast-growing city’s downtown area, it has since expanded to include all of Stamford.

Malloy takes victory lap in Bridgeport Regional Business Council speech

The governor said that Connecticut’s long-term financial obligations to state employees remain a key problem, with 82 cents of every dollar the state collects going to pensions.

Trump tax plan gets mixed reviews from business community

Frustration over a lack of detail leaves observers hopeful but wary.

Connecticut launches regional tourism marketing program

The program’s mission is to work more closely with regional groups to help support Connecticut’s $14 billion tourism industry.

Legislative leaders eye possible billion-dollar deficit in 2016-17

The Business Council of Fairfield County recently hosted several legislative leaders as part of breakfast forum dedicated to addressing the state's budget crisis.

Fairfield business council honors leaders in workplace health

The Business Council of Fairfield County will honor dozens of county and companies large and small for their initiatives to promote the health of their employees.

Business council to host national economic outlook, regional forecast

Joseph Tracey, Executive Vice President and Special Advisor to the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will provide an in-depth look at the tristate economic outlook with special emphasis on Fairfield County.

Boost needed for state’s sluggish population growth

Talk of a Connecticut exodus has swirled for years, but analysts paint a less bleak picture with a closer look behind the numbers.

Small business confidence on the rise

In its latest survey of small business owners, Bank of America found that both regionally and nationally entrepreneurs are significantly more optimistic about future growth of their businesses and the health of the economy.

Business groups back transportation lockbox

Stamford Chamber of Commerce chief delivers a letter in Hartford.

Stamford joins trend of municipal rebranding

Joining the likes of Yonkers and New Rochelle, Stamford enters the fray to attract business and young workers with a professional marketing campaign.

Fairfield County’s business identity continues to evolve

The area’s skilled workforce will continue to draw new companies in spite of potential challenges, says The Business Council of Fairfield County's chief.

Three small businesses dare to prosper

A Business Council of Fairfield County event showcases the entrepreneurial spirit.