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Tesla’s ‘gallery’ in Greenwich collides with DMV

At issue is whether the car manufacturer is directly selling its wares to consumers, which is prevented by state law.

Conn. car dealers renewing battle against ‘Tesla Bill’

As written, HB 7097 would “allow the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to issue a new or used car dealer’s license to an electric vehicle manufacturer,” not just Tesla.

Tesla Motors taking a third crack at entering Conn. market

At issue is the Connecticut Franchise Act, which prevents a manufacturer from unfairly opening stores in direct competition with already established, affiliated franchised dealers.

Tesla bill stuck in neutral – for now

The so-called “Tesla bill" would allow the sale of electric vehicles directly to consumers without having to go through franchise dealerships.

Tesla fuses performance and practicality

The Tesla Model S marries performance with safety and practical electronic features.

Auto dealers reach a truce with innovative Tesla

Pending legislation will allow Tesla Motors to keep its electric car sales centers in New York but require any new stores to be owned by franchised dealers.

Tesla opens in Westchester with Model S warmed up

Tesla Motors, with its new Model S sedan ready to begin deliveries this month, has expanded its retail network to The Westchester, the first...