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Anthony Vigna, Thornwood mortgage scam lawyer, disbarred

“No competent adult who understood what the Terra conspirators were doing – much less a practicing attorney and CPA – could possibly believe that the Terra scheme had a shred of legitimacy to it,” prosecutors said.

Valhalla ‘foundation’ mortgage fraudster sentenced to 11 years in prison

“As the overwhelming trial evidence demonstrated,” prosecutors state in a sentencing memorandum, Jacqueline Graham was the "mastermind behind a highly complex and sophisticated, massive, years-long national fraudulent scheme.”

Judge rules no separate trials for Terra Foundation fraud defendants

The defendants argue that their defenses are mutually antagonistic and that overwhelming evidence against one defendant will spill over and taint their cases.

Mortgage fraud defendant wonders why he is treated as ‘Public Enemy...

The government, Bruce Lewis said, is using his beliefs to “discredit me, defame me, persecute me, deny me bail.”

Feds charge Valhalla firm with bank fraud over mortgages

Terra Foundation charged fees for filing fraudulent mortgages discharges, according to a federal indictment of five principals in the business.