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Connecticut fiscal stability commission chiefs call for tough love strategies

James C. Smith and Robert Patricelli, co-chairmen of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, outlined the challenges and possible solutions facing Connecticut's economy.

Business Council of Westchester panel tackles federal tax changes, and New...

Edmund J. McMahon, the founder and research director of the Empire Center for Public Policy, called Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s payroll tax proposal “a solution in search of a problem.”

Rep. Elizabeth Esty: GOP tax plan will hurt Connecticut residents

The Connecticut Democrat warned that the GOP tax plan would "eliminate your ability to deduct state income taxes and cap your property tax deduction."

Survey: 1 in 3 Connecticut residents unhappy with state’s quality of...

The survey by Sacred Heart University found half of respondents with salaries above $150,000 debating a move out of Connecticut within the next five years.

Andi Gray: Making the right amount of net income

Make sure you understand the impact of principal payments on your future tax picture. Rely on the professional advice of accounting and tax experts you’ve come to trust.

Illegal tobacco wholesale ring busted in Bridgeport

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services announced the arrest of 10 people and the seizure of more than $50,000 in cash and $234,000 in contraband tobacco.

1.5 percent of U.S. exports come from Connecticut, survey shows

Seventy-seven percent of companies surveyed for the CBIA said they were engaged in international trade.

AFL-CIO report says state’s negative business tax reputation is overstated

Connecticut actually holds significant advantages that few other states have, according to the report.

Connecticut, NY have nation’s highest tax burdens

Alaska had the lowest tax burden.

CT immigrant households earn nearly 14 percent of all state income

New data finds 36,028 Connecticut-based immigrant entrepreneurs who generate $1.1 billion in income.

State-local partnership panel formed to address shortfall in state aid to...

Towns and cities originally were told sales tax revenue sharing would amount to $246 million this fiscal year, but that figure was cut to $185 million.

Report: Connecticut is nation’s third least tax-friendly state

The Constitution state lags behind only California and Hawaii, according to Kiplinger.

Pfizer to buy Allergan for $160 billion

By relocating its headquarters to Ireland while keeping its global operational headquarters in New York, the deal was largely speculated to be a tax-cutting move by Pfizer.

Tax amnesty round collects $185M

10,000 pay back taxes through state program.

Business taxes unfriendly? Taxman disagrees

DRS commissioner dissents on high business tax ranking.