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Business taxes unfriendly? Taxman disagrees

DRS commissioner dissents on high business tax ranking.

Study: Conn., NY most taxing

Connecticut, New York and New Jersey again won a dubious distinction from the Tax Foundation.

New York ranks last in business tax climate index

New York state has the worst business tax climate in the nation, according to an annual study published Oct. 9 by the nonprofit Tax Foundation, a Washington D.C. think tank.

Conn. ranked 40th for taxes

Connecticut did not budge on the Tax Foundation’s annual ranking of state business tax climates.

America’s growing, pass-through business sector

The Tax Foundation argues that new taxes on “pass-through” business entities could choke growth.

Conn. taxes: low, high or what?

A new report by Ernst & Young paints an unusual picture of Connecticut’s state and local business taxes.

Circumspection on sales taxes

If a complicated sales-tax law is discouraging business investment in Connecticut, you would not know it from, sales-tax collections. A year after imposing a higher...

Taking sales taxes to task

As part of an overarching examination of Connecticut’s business tax structure, sales taxes may be the initial priority in a report due this September,...

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