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Norman G. Grill: Just the facts on home sale tax

There may be tax consequences when selling your home. Here are 10 things to be aware of: 1. Exclusion of gain. You may be able...

New unemployment insurance claims rise by 1.5M again

There were 1,508,000 new claims made for unemployment insurance during the week ending June 13, according to statistics released this morning by the U.S. Department...

Cuomo floats $650M plan to grow New York state life sciences...

The budget proposal includes $550 million in income tax credits, capital grants and investment capital from New York and $100 million from private partners.

With $27M package, Pitney Bowes to stay in Stamford

Mail giant latest First Five company.

Actions over words

So while we support the passage of HB 6566, we do so with a caveat: efforts to cut state spending and to lower the state’s corporate tax burden must be genuine.