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Armonk company starts campaign to save imported cheese from Trump tariff...

"We understand the impact that regulatory issues can have on local businesses," said Joseph Gellert, president and owner of World's Best Cheeses.

Ray Dalio warns of ‘export embargo war’ between U.S. and China

"Worth keeping in mind is how Chinese and Americans fight wars differently," said the Bridgewater Associates founder.

EU reportedly targets Xerox in retaliatory tariff response

The EU action comes in response to President Trump's plans to levy tariffs on European auto imports.

Banking exec John Traynor warns of slowdown, but doesn’t forecast recession

"If aerospace turns over, then Connecticut has a big problem," said Traynor about tariff-induced obstacles to manufacturing's growth.

Ray Dalio warns of coming trade conflicts and possibly ‘shooting wars’

Writing in his influential LinkedIn blog, Dalio warned that the Trump administration is creating a climate that could propel the nation into global economic and military conflicts.

Area brewers brace for impact of aluminum, steel tariffs

"Somebody’s going to have to make that added expense up, and it will probably be the consumer," says the brewmaster at Stamford's Half Full Brewery.