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New survey finds remote workers paying more for electric bills and...

Remote workers have spent more on groceries, internet bills and office supplies during the pandemic.

Restaurant industry in financial jeopardy, trade groups say

Both the New York State Restaurant Association and the Connecticut Restaurant Association have signed on to an effort by the National Restaurant Association seeking...

Restaurant associations wrestle with issues facing the industry

There were choruses of boos when New York state suddenly put an end to the takeout and delivery sale of liquor late in June....

Survey: Nearly two-thirds of Americans would take pay cut for full-time...

Nearly half of respondents would drop their mental health benefits to retain full-time remote work.

IBM survey: LGBTQ Americans still experience workplace discrimination

Only 7% of senior executives surveyed identify as LGBTQ.

Pitney Bowes poll: Expect year-over-year increases in summer shopping

Gen Z and Millennials will be spending more than their older counterparts.

UConn study finds adults not buying healthier fast-food menu options for...

Children between 2-5 years were more likely to be given healthier options than older children.

Survey: More than one-third of professionals experienced career woes during pandemic

59% of surveyed senior managers postponed promoting top performers due to the pandemic.

Survey finds Americans split on requiring vaccination proof for workplace return

The majority of respondents want to see mask usage continue in the workplace.

Survey finds dental hygiene habits declined during pandemic

31% of survey respondents admitted to increased snacking on sweets during the pandemic.

Survey finds most Americans ready for post-pandemic splurges

55% of respondents said they will keep saving n case the pandemic returns.

Survey: Restaurant and bar patrons are not flocking back to their...

Casual dining restaurants are seeing more business than fine dining establishments.

Survey finds Black Friday store shopping is losing its luster

More Democrats than Republicans are abstaining from Black Friday store shopping.

Study: Americans have an average of $17K in savings

South Dakota residents had the highest average savings at $24,497.

Survey finds nearly half of Americans now working from home

Work from home set-ups were more prevalent in the Northeast.