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Study: 61% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, up from 55% last year

The study also found 13% of respondents spending more than they earned.

Study finds New York and Connecticut among top states for marketing...

Massachusetts was the top ranked state and Mississippi ranked last.

Tracking what’s happening with the aging

A study reported in Milbank Quarterly, a journal on health care policy, shows that U.S. states vary widely in how well they are adapting to...

Study finds women experiencing higher workplace burnout than men

The study found 37% of U.S. workers are likely to search for a job in the next six months.

Study finds most Americans feel they aren’t being paid enough

15% of respondents said their employer doesn't pay them on time.

American Bankers Association cites value for businesses in accepting credit cards

The study found that consumers with high subprime to low prime risk scores hold more credit cards than do people in different risk categories.

Study: Employers and employees disagreeing on workplace mental health support

52% of employers experience issues due to worker substance misuse or addiction.

What can business professionals learn from magicians?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufC7mNBu5lM Get ready for a bit of corporate-focused abracadabra as magician Paul Kilmer offers unique advice to business professionals on how to get their career...

CT health care 5th best in nation, according to new study

The state finished first in corporate wellness activity, sixth in access and affordability, and ninth in prevention and treatment.

Study reports impact of Walkway Over the Hudson on local business

The nonprofit organization Walkway Over the Hudson arranged for the study, which was prepared by Newburgh-based Pattern for Progress with support from Marist College and student researchers.

Fairfield to study Black Rock Turnpike safety upgrades

Speeding is a problem on the turnpike, with average speeds between 35 and 40 mph despite a posted limit of 30 mph.

FDIC reveals new study on community banking industry

In a new data-driven study on the community banking industry, the FDIC has formed a new universal definition of a community bank.