Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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New survey details health care workforce stress and burnout

14% of physicians and advanced practitioners are still unemployed since the pandemic began.

How Mike Veny’s pandemic pivot helped workers deal with mental health...

"The physical body and the emotions are interconnected," said Veny.

Poll: Stressed out workers feel employers not providing adequate mental health...

Job seekers rank mental health benefits as third most important aspect for employment.

Survey: 51% of Americans left their job over past year

15.8% cited unsatisfactory wages for leaving and 11.7% complained about a stressful workload.

Blue Cross Blue Shield study tracks deteriorating health among unpaid caregivers

61% of Americans are taking care of or looking out for a friend, neighbor or family member.

Extinguishing professional burnout before it poisons the workplace

"Too often, we see things happening and we just ignore it," said Eddie Martinez of TOP Station in Bridgeport.

Get a handle on stress

Stress takes its toll on everyone. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Be willing to face your fears. Make a list of concerns. Talk things out. Get perspective by being involved in the world. Make time for yourself.