Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Andi Gray: Building up profit margins

Take a look at your mix of business overall. Having a mix of prices and margins can be good for business.

‘Who’s Next?’ to take over a business

The recent “Who's Next?” event was designed to help business owners understand what they need to do to prepare to exit their businesses. 

Andi Gray: What inventory is right?

Inventory can be tricky. Figure out how to predict upcoming orders. Pay attention to prices, too.

Andi Gray: Culture and family

Family-oriented culture can mean different things to different people.

Andi Gray: How to create tailored job descriptions

Create a map of the organization. Get employees involved in customizing templates. Lay out requirements.

Andi Gray: Choosing and managing the right marketing support

You’ll likely be using more than one vendor in marketing, so your job includes coordinating resources as well as measuring results.

Too many people in charge cause waste

Andi Gray, president of Strategy Leaders Inc., advocates for standards, accountabilities and chain of command.

Means to making more Profit

BY ANDI GRAY Q: It’s been a tough two years. We’ve kept adding new clients, but at lower profit. We now need to figure out...

Is social media worth the time and effort?

Given everyone’s increasing reliance on the Internet for information, business owners have no choice but to climb on the bandwagon and start to develop their own social media program.

Get better organized at bringing on new employees

As your business grows, you’ll be adding people more quickly. Your company will benefit from getting better organized at bringing new employees on board.

Strategies to increase staff performance

Increase staff performance by having the right people, properly trained and supervised, doing specific jobs.

Ask Andi

This is an economy in which everyone is trying to do more with less, but don’t let customer service slip.

Payback time? Thinking through raises and reviews

When considering pay raises, first figure out where your industry is going, where your work force stands and what your company needs to get through the next three to five years.