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Brookfield’s Calculated Survival goes into the woods with startup business

The company's e-commerce page is aimed at survivalist subculture.

Table tennis facility opens in Greenwich

The facility welcomes private parties, corporate events and individual players.

lionheART Bridgeport offers new gallery space for local artists

The gallery will offer new exhibitions each month.

Marion Henson’s Bloom Healthy addresses the challenges of Westchester food deserts

Mount Vernon entrepreneur Marion Henson is addressing food insecurity in Westchester with her startup company Bloom Healthy, which launched in July.

Jessica Paschkes encourages soapy sustainability with startup Refillery

Chappaqua resident Jessica Paschkes’ entrepreneurial endeavor Refillery has found a niche as Westchester's first zero-waste pop-up business.

Startup Moonburger brings plant-based patties to Kingston

The Moonburger Drive-Thru Burger Stop, opening this week at 5 Powells Lane in Kingston, stands out from its competitors with a menu of plant-based burgers.

Startup Spotlight: Get Real Foods and the search for the perfect...

The REAL Cookies brand is kosher, vegan-friendly, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free.

StarStock founders create a stock market for sports cards

As the Covid-19 pandemic triggered a return to old hobbies or gave people a reason to pick up new ones, industries such as sports...

Startup Spotlight: Veteran architect George Perham turns entrepreneur with new...

Perham's clients are spread across the East Coast.

SnoHub founder launches home service connection app Redleaf

The app, Redleaf, was cofounded by James Albis, CEO, a home service provider who wanted to create a tool to make it easier for providers to market their services and be found by homeowners. 

Suite Talk: Peter Hubbell, CEO of Apply:you

"Everybody has their thing that makes them great – you just have to discover it," he said.

SHU-grown FinTron Invest of Westport launches

After over two years of incubation and development, Westport-headquartered financial technology company FinTron Invest announced its official launch last week. 

Startup Spotlight: The Abbey Inn & Spa finds its footing amid...

The sanctuary of the convent has been converted into a 2,183-square-foot ballroom.

18 North Grill, a new American fare restaurant, opens in Fishkill

The restaurant is located at the site that housed Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill.