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Social media analytics get easier to use

Many small businesses are not aware of the increasing ease and sophistication for social media analytics.

Texting, social media gain as avenues for fundraising

A recent study provides insight into the text donation ecosystem used by Save the Children and other charities.

In brief

Stamford rallied to win Foursquare recognition, and other social media news affecting Fairfield County businesses.

In the field

Gartner Inc. is hiring salespeople and consultants, and other news affecting Fairfield County companies.

Gold coastal property

Connecticut shared in a historic mortgage settlement; Fairfield County real estate news.

Women’s entrepreneurship is climbing

In Fairfield County and elsewhere, women’s entrepreneurship is climbing – along all rungs of the professional ladder.

In the field

Pitney Bowes showed off its new global technology center in Danbury, and other news across Fairfield County.

After Q4 lull, VCs line up anew After Q4 lull, VCs...

A mystery medical device startup has $1.1 million in funding, with goals to raise nearly $5 million as 2012 got off to a promising start with a small flurry of venture capital deals in Fairfield County.

Speak up, don’t let apathy rule

Want to kvetch about government? Make constructive suggestions? Well, you missed another chance.

From sky blue to Big Blue?

As Sikorsky helped launch a major new high-tech incubator in Stamford, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said he recently met with IBM.

Dotting the ‘i’

The new Stamford iCenter generated major buzz at Old Town Hall, if not immediately online.

Cloud covered

IT conglomerates agree – small businesses “get” cloud technology. The question becomes from whom they will get it.

Social standards

Social media guidelines are a must as issues arise

Local lenders step up for small business

A few banks in Fairfield County have seized the opportunity to increase small-business lending.

UBS hubbub continues

Speculation continues on UBS’ ultimate decision on Stamford – and the city’s appeal to other large employers.