Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Seven email segmentation strategies

Email marketing remains a critical part of online marketing. Despite some recent negative articles and statements concerning its effectiveness, it still remains one of the most important methods of generating attention and driving traffic toward a landing page or website.

Mobile Insecurity: Part 1

With smartphone sales expected to surpass personal computer sales for the first time later this year, mobile security and privacy has the potential to be an area of increasing concern and conflict.

As smartphones proliferate, so does patent law

The explosion of smartphones has caused an increase in patent litigation and the visibility of patent law.

The growing influence of smartphones

The rapid growth of mobile devices and tablets has begun to alter how online business is performed.

Protecting privacy in the digital age

By David Menken The explosive growth of social media sites and mobile applications has been accompanied by an equally explosive growth in the volume of...

Complexity, simplified

There are many ways to make the complexity of your products work for your business, not against it.

Business epidemics, the best of marketing

What causes an idea to go from obscurity to popularity? Can word-of-mouth change behaviors, skyrocket sales and spread ideas like a virus? History is filled with cases where products and services quickly became enormously popular and profitable, from fax machines to bottled water.