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Suite Talk: Scott Dolch, executive director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association

"We've never had a James Beard Award winner out of Connecticut," said Scott Dolch. "As a competitive person, that bothers me."

Mike Roer weighs in on the startup financing conundrum

"The equity investors have become a lot more conservative," said Entrepreneurship Foundation President Mike Roer.

Tom Sharkis turns aquarium hobby into tank-cleaning business

"The greatest mistake I see is overfeeding," said Tom Sharkis, owner of Shark Attack Aquarium Maintenance.

Andi Gray: Stepping back so others can carry the load

Building a bigger business means you can’t do it all — not even close! If you are going to add real leaders to the team you have to let them lead.

Leisha’s Bakeria in Bridgeport celebrates five years of culinary surprises

Leisha Young’s baking became popular with her customers — it is difficult to view her red velvet cupcakes without wondering if gluttony is really such an onerous sin

Bridgeport photographer Kasey L. Hilleary takes aim with patience and artistry

"I love capturing people the way I see them," exclaimed photographer Kasey L. Hilleary.

Ramon Peralta celebrates 10th anniversary by hitting the $1 million mark

Ramon Peralta said that many entrepreneurs often take on too much responsibility for too many tasks, with results that are frequently less than satisfactory.

Johnny Gelato becomes latest Ridgefield retailer to shut down

The closing follows the departure of the Purple Frog Gift Shop, Cheers Ridgefield and William Raveis from Main Street.

Suite Talk: Dan Onofrio, president and CEO of the Bridgeport Regional...

"We need a shot in the arm and MGM is more than a shot in the arm," said the BRBC's Dan Onofrio about the proposed casino resort complex in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Innovation Center sold for $7.9 million

Bridgeport Innovation Center provides offices, lofts, warehouse and storage space to its more than 160 tenants.

Redding’s Absolute Transportation considers joys and challenges in CT limousine industry

Sean P. Morris, owner of Absolute Transportation LLC in Redding, faces high gas prices, heavy traffic, Uber competition and the threat of tolls on Connecticut's roads.

Suite Talk: Heather Cavanagh, president and CEO of the Stamford Chamber...

"When you look at the growth areas in Fairfield County, it’s all happening in Stamford," said Cavanagh.

Krumble Krafts serves up playfully sassy custom glass etchings

"They found me on Etsy," said Karena Rumble of her first overseas customer. "I don’t know how, out of all of the other crafters, they found me."

Andi Gray: Culture and family

Family-oriented culture can mean different things to different people.

The Office Genie seeks to take the pain out of bookkeeping

"It is better to hire a bookkeeper before things get tumultuous and challenging," said Ashley Slote, founder of The Office Genie LLC.