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Access Health CT increasing efforts to enroll small businesses

While Access Health covers about 110,000 persons in the individual market, earlier this year it reported that it covered just 400 small businesses, representing 1,382 people — less than 1% of Connecticut's small group market.

ConnectiCare to join in state’s small business health insurance exchange

Through its Small Business Health Options Program, Access Health CT offers health insurance options to employers with 50 or fewer full-time employees.

Sunsetting online enrollment means fewer health care options for small businesses

Forcing small employers to make this extra effort just to enroll in SHOP will make it likely that SHOP usage dwindles to little or nothing.

In Connecticut, shopping for insurance with options

With HealthPass at the reins, Connecticut is one of only a few states whose SHOP exchange, true to its name, will provide employers and their employees with multiple health insurance options from which to choose