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Trumped: President’s brand in free fall as companies, lawmakers flee

“His brand is so tied to him as a person that the association is almost impossible to unlink,” says Sacred Heart University Professor David Taylor.

Signature Bank tops three categories in Law Journal survey

Signature Bank, which has private client offices in New Rochelle, White Plains and Greenwich, has been voted number one in the categories of business...

IDEALab brings immersive media artists to downtown New Rochelle

The city is also developing a platform to use virtual reality technology to allow city planners and residents to visualize development plans for buildings and public spaces.

Basketball icon Dick Barnett preaches message of higher education to local...

New York Knicks star Dick Barnett is holding court today as a motivational speaker preaching the value of higher education to young people.

Mooney returns to private sector as Signature Bank executive

Attorney William M. Mooney III, the former Westchester County economic development director, leaves county government after seven years to join a private client banking team.

Signature Bank named Best Business Bank by New York Law Journal

The Bank also ranked second in the Best Private Bank and Best Attorney Escrow Services categories.

Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank joins Signature Bank board

Signature Bank elects former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act, to its board of directors.

Signature Bank quietly ascends to the top

Banking giants don't weigh heavily on the mind of Signature Bank's CEO; the institution topped Forbes magazine's list of America’s best banks.

Signature Bank named best in America by Forbes

The publication cites the bank's long record of strong earnings and high asset performance.

Signature Financial enters marine, franchise markets

The Signature Bank subsidiary will offer direct finance services for restaurant chains and commercial boats and ships.

Signature Bank completes public offering

Signature Bank, a commercial bank with branches in New Rochelle and White Plains, has completed a public offering of 2.1 million shares of common stock.

Signature Bank ranked No. 2 in ‘Best Banks’

Signature Bank ranks in top 10 'Best Banks in America' for fourth year.

Newsmakers Westchester County 06-03-2013

Mount Vernon Hospital hires new coordinator and more.

Signature garners top-three rankings in Law Journal survey

Signature Bank ranked among the top three business banks, private banks and attorney escrow services providers in the New York Law Journal’s third annual survey of New York City-area companies that offer various services to legal firms.

Signature reports record profits

Signature Bank announced record quarterly profits of $42.4 million as deposits grew a record $749.8 million to $12.5 billion for the first quarter.