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Laid-off McDonald’s workers at Darien service plaza sue franchisee in test...

The law requires workers who were laid off in certain sectors to be brought back on staff on the basis of seniority.

Commercial building janitors authorize union to call strike

The union says that another penny per month per square foot would be more than enough to cover the costs of a wage increase and maintaining benefits.

Fast-food workers in CT service plazas plan to unionize

The SEIU orchestrated the "Fight For $15" campaign to increase the minimum wage for low-income workers.

Workers at 20 nursing homes threaten May 1 strike

Union members have already voted overwhelmingly 1,449-78 to authorize a strike if their demands are not met.

NLRB moves to hold HealthBridge in contempt

The National Labor Relations Board has filed a motion asking a federal judge to hold the operator of five Connecticut nursing homes in contempt for failing to comply with a Dec. 11, 2012, ruling.

Union, nursing homes face off over benefits

The union representing 600-plus Connecticut nursing home employees whose jobs were reinstated last week after an eight-month strike denounced a March 4 bankruptcy court ruling that allows those workers’ benefits to be temporarily reduced.

Federal court will hear HealthBridge appeal

A federal court last week granted an expedited appeal to five Connecticut nursing homes managed by HealthBridge Management L.L.C. in the facilities’ lawsuit against 600 union workers who have been on strike since July.

Bankruptcy filing for five HealthBridge nursing homes

Five Connecticut nursing homes managed by HealthBridge Management L.L.C. filed for bankruptcy after the Supreme Court denied the company's request to delay a court order calling for the reinstatement of more than 600 striking employees.

HealthBridge workers strike

Some 700 Connecticut HealthBridge workers walked off the job Tuesday.