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Greenburgh lawyer suspended for misappropriating estate funds

Rutty's explanations were "devoid of substance," a special referee reported, and "effectively obstructed the progress of the investigation and evaluation of her conduct."

South Salem Siberian Huskies win another day in court

Edgar Muller could keep up to five dogs on his 2.1-acre residential property, but he had six – Charlie, Jack, Lily, Max, Ruby and Zoey – when he moved to South Salem.

Once prominent lawyer, Guy Parisi, in foregone conclusion, disbarred

“My life as a lawyer and a counselor, which I cherished and worked so hard to maintain for over 47 years, is now gone,” he had told U.S. District Judge Kenneth M. Karas.

Yonkers attorney suspended for 3 years for mishandling funds

A grievance committee accused Osvaldo J. Gonzalez of seven charges of professional misconduct.