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Westchester bus system gets $3.6 million federal grant

The money will be used to replace, rehabilitate and purchase buses and related equipment, lawmakers said in a joint statement.

Coast Guard Hudson River safety report: anchorage regulations need clarification

The Coast Guard's report does not recommend any new anchorages along the Hudson River, but it does say regulations on where barges can anchor need clarification.

From ‘zombies’ to houses for homeless vets, Maloney takes aim at...

The Housing Our Heroes Act would create a $25 million pilot program that would provide funds to turn zombie homes into housing for homeless veterans.

Trump will achieve big legislation, lawmakers say, if he can lead

“He’s a bull in a china shop,” said U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel, "and that doesn’t work in government. It’s all about compromise.”

Maloney pushes tax cuts for small breweries

Hudson Valley brewers join U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney to support legislation to lower taxes on small breweries.

Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center awarded $718K

The funds will be used to monitor and reduce the effects and spread of HIV and AIDS.

Electric rates to spike due to new ‘capacity zone’

Hudson Valley businesses and residents will see increases of at least 4 percent on their utility bills due to a measure that went into effect Thursday.

Shutdown trickles down to Westchester

SBA loans a point of concern for business owners.

$60K to grease federal grant gears

The federal Economic Development Agency will assist the Hudson Valley Regional Council’s work on its annual comprehensive economic development strategic plan with a $60,000 grant.

Maloney seeks funds for dams

Don’t panic, but federal money for dam safety was cut in 2011.

Maloney announces House subcommittee assignments

Freshman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney recently announced his subcommittee assignments on the House Agriculture and Transportation and Infrastructure committees, with hopes that the assignments will allow him to begin working on creating jobs and expanding the economy in the Hudson Valley.

Maloney ‘absolutely committed’ to job growth

The Business Journal recently sat down with Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney to discuss his policy goals and the most pressing needs facing the Hudson Valley business community.

Westchester election results

It was a good night to be a Democrat in Westchester County.

PACs dump money into Westchester races

The six candidates running in Westchester’s congressional races raised almost $900,000 in June alone. They raised less than $750,000 in April and May combined.