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Antinozzi Associates takes on the challenges of architectural renovations

"If a school was built in 1910 or 1920, they were built like brick you-know-what-houses," Ayles said. “They’re not going anywhere."

U.S. Sen. Murphy introduces bill to strengthen school diversity

“Racial and economic isolation exists throughout the country, and Connecticut is no different,” said the Democrat in presenting his Strength in Diversity Act.

Norwalk and its schools join energy forces

An economy of scale is seen in assessments and purchases.

Bridgeport reports solid year

Mayor cites tax, school and infrastructure gains.

State allocates $5M for school security

Infrastructure improvements gain attention after Newtown shootings.

The fight over schools, standardization, Vallas

Efforts to turn around Bridgeport school under fire.

School projects in limbo

Westchester County is now in a “hurry up and wait” mode as the state figures what to fund.

School projects in limbo

Scores of shovel-ready projects pertaining to schools are being considered by elementary education officials throughout the Hudson Valley, but uncertainty is the watchword for school officials regarding what financial assistance they might garner from the federal stimulus package.

Reading, writing, religion

Living with a struggling economy, people are having trouble affording the tuition at private, Catholic, college preparatory high schools throughout Westchester.

Lawyers object to pollution, waste

The prospect of lawyers eliminating hot air might sound far-fetched, but at Pace Law School it’s a motion that’s being sustained.

College loans crimped

Unnamed schools seen as bad risks.

High schools ramp up math, science

Funding targets advanced classes.

School lunches now trans-fatless

Restaurant, school, and café meals are now trans-fatless.

Teen demographic charts Web strategy

Westchester high school students are getting a head start in business marketing and development.


Reading and writing and refinancing

Teaching kids about banking