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Norwalk Police Department warns public about online t-shirt scam

It is unclear if other police departments are also being targeted with this scam.

Connecticut medical professionals being targeted in new scam attacks

Publicly available licensing information is being tapped for these scams.

For one brief, shining moment: Living in Scam-a-lot

Haven’t we all been told that misspellings and offbeat grammar are signs that should raise one’s suspicions? Of course we have. Did I take a moment to consider that? Of course I didn’t.

CT businesses targeted in ‘certificate of existence’ scam

A certificate of existence is not a required document for a business operating in Connecticut.

Stamford man found guilty in surgical glove investment fraud scheme

Thomas J. Connerton began enticing investors in 2009 to finance his operation, including women he met through an online dating site.

Exclusive: Moms accuse local ‘Smart Nanny’ service of bad business practices

Sixteen mothers spoke to the Business Journal about their troubles with A Smart Nanny, troubles that range from a lack of response to accusations of fraud and date from 2014 to this January.

Phishing in season, tax officials warn

Scammers posing as company executives are tricking payroll officials in revealing confidential employee information.