Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Keeping steady amid rising inflation rates

Remember the saying “this too shall pass” when contemplating an impulsive change to an investment plan.

Strategies for passing wealth to your heirs

The annual gift tax exclusion provides a simple, effective way of cutting estate taxes.

A consideration of retirement plan options

All retirement plans have important tax, business, and other implications for employers and employees.

Inflation’s burden creates a new wave of financial anxiety

In a J.D. Power survey, 70% of respondents said prices have been increasing faster than their incomes.

Study: 61% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, up from 55% last year

The study also found 13% of respondents spending more than they earned.

Survey finds nearly one-quarter of Americans could not use savings for...

This one says roughly 61% of respondents believe their savings problems will impact their holiday shopping budget.

Survey: 35% of seniors willing to risk Covid to keep working

71% of respondents ages 70 and higher expressed concern about Social Security drying up.

Study: Americans have an average of $17K in savings

South Dakota residents had the highest average savings at $24,497.

Unemployment rate hits 12.4%; TD Bank reports find mixed signals in...

In the week ending April 25, 3,839,000 Americans filed new unemployment insurance claims, according to seasonally adjusted figures released this morning by the U.S....

Column: Top 10 investment tips for 2016

Start now to be more financially healthy and wealthy in the new year.

Column: Strike a balance between portfolio and individual needs

Are you approaching retirement savings in the right way? Christopher P. Jordan of LEXCO Wealth Managment Inc. says it is time to take a second look at what you're doing.

Report: State saved millions on energy costs

Nearly 500,000 Connecticut residents, businesses and municipalities saved due to energy efficiency programs