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Sandy Hook families’ suit against Remington can continue, Supreme Court says

The families behind the lawsuit say that Remington should be held liable for the 26 murders committed in 2012 because it sold the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle used to commit the crimes, and that it targeted younger, at-risk males in marketing and product placement in violent video games.

Dr. Jeremy Richman, Sandy Hook anti-violence activist, dead of apparent suicide

"We become involved when we let things touch us to the core," Richman, who founded the nonprofit The Avielle Foundation, told the audience at a 2016 Westfair event.

Group of doctors seeks reinstatement of Sandy Hook shooting lawsuit

The 10 doctors includes emergency room physicians and trauma surgeons who treated patients shot in attacks at the Newtown school, as well as in California and Colorado.

Newtown school closings averted after parents’ protests

The town has dodged closing two schools and opened a brand-new Sandy Hook Elementary over the past two years.

Nonprofit enlists Newtown schoolteachers as handlers of potential service-dogs

The Exceptional Partner Service Dogs has dispatched five puppies to teach about the role of service dogs in helping to treat some mental health issues.

Sandy Hook families file court appeal in case against gun makers

The appeal comes after a state superior court judge dismissed the families' wrongful death suit in October.

Newtown families’ lawsuit against gun maker dismissed

State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis dismissed on Oct. 14 a lawsuit filed by several Newtown families against Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the...

Parents of two children killed at Sandy Hook School offer to...

The parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner have offered to settle their wrongful death lawsuit for $5.5 million each.

Gun manufacturers likely to oppose tighter gun control laws

As Congress prepares to do battle over the Obama administration’s legislative recommendations and as Connecticut officials look to introduce legislation in the General Assembly in the next month and a half, it remains to be seen what role the gun industry will play in the upcoming debates.

New Haven attorney withdraws $100M legal claim

The lawyer for an unidentified survivor of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has withdrawn a $100 million lawsuit against the state of Connecticut.

‘Newtown – you are not alone’

In the wake of tragedy, it’s time to take a stand against gun violence and against the powerful gun lobby in Washington.