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Bankruptcy trustee sues Armonk gas station owner for $508,000

Trustee Gregory Messer seeks to recover assets “so that Armonk’s bankruptcy estate is restored to where it would have been had such debts been repaid, wrongful conduct not occurred, improper transfers had not been made."

Receiver named to sell Eljamal’s Shell station interests

A state Supreme Court judge upholds a jury's multimillion-dollar damages award and names a receiver in a bitter business dispute in Westchester.

Eljamal claims anti-Arab, pro-Jewish bias by judges

Businessman Sammy Eljamal claims his civil rights were violated by judges in court cases that resulted in nearly $10 million in judgments against him.

Eljamal’s legal setbacks mount to nearly $10M

Westchester businessman Sammy Eljamal has been ordered to pay damages in two court cases that total nearly $10 million.

Jury rules Sammy Eljamal must pay $4.75M in damages

A jury awards $4.75 million in damages to the victim of serial harassment incidents and a false criminal charge by Westchester businessman Sammy Eljamal.

Appeals court tosses defamation suit in business dispute

A state appellate court dismissed a lawsuit by a fallen-out partner in a Westchester gas station business claiming a rival partner libeled and slandered him.

Westchester station owner fined for Sandy price gouging

Sammy Eljamal, owner of four gas stations in Westchester, agreed to pay $20,000 in penalties for excessively hiking up gas prices after Hurricane Sandy.