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Learn to improve inventory planning

Whether you’re talking about office suppliers or a factory running at full tilt, it’s easy to build up excess inventory.

Cover more ground in sales with the telephone

When pitching cold calling as a strategy, focus on what salespeople care about: talking to more people faster, building more sales opportunities, and making more money.


Inspired by home brewers across the country, last year President Obama bought a home brewing kit for the kitchen. To the White House’s knowledge, the resulting honey brown ale was the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds.

Product launching for profit making

Launching a product isn’t something you do every day, so to be safe, expect things to cost more and deliver less than planned.

Survey: retailers predict greater sales, plans to hire this holiday season

Three quarters of retailers are predicting an increase in sales this holiday season, according to a survey by Hay Group.

Get more efficient with estimating

Systematize basic sales skills. Create a set of routine questions that every salesperson asks right off the bat in order to get to know what a prospect needs.

Sales tax holiday on deck

Connecticut’s annual sales-tax “holiday” kicks off Sunday, Aug. 19.

Targeting profit, not just sales

A Fairfield consultant says too many businesses strive for quantity and not quality in drumming up business.

Integrate lead generation with sales

Q: When we’re recruiting for sales, I find that people get scared off when we tell them they have to generate their own leads....

Circumspection on sales taxes

If a complicated sales-tax law is discouraging business investment in Connecticut, you would not know it from, sales-tax collections. A year after imposing a higher...

Is a cashless society on the way?

MasterCard executives, an author and an academic discuss whether money is on the way out … and should it be?

Does your business need an advisory board?

Measure board members’ performance via meeting attendance, volume of questions, contribution to strategy, financial assistance and ability to promote the company.

A hurricane of data

Marketing Management Analytics of Wilton helps companies answer the question, “Is my marketing investment paying off?”

Invigorating your sales team

Recognize that as a sales manager, you are measured on the results of your team – if it’s not working, you’re part of the problem until you’re part of the solution.

Hoisting sales

The forecast is looking better for sales, says expert Ron Volper. But to navigate some still choppy waters, businesses are going to have to extend themselves to customers and, yes, even spend a few bucks.