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Ask Andi: Figuring out if we’re having an OK year

A plan is just that — a plan. Turning a plan into reality takes skill at forecasting, buy-in from everyone in the company, and a drop of luck.

Who’s right for sales?

When it comes to sales positions, there is no one size fits all.

Tesla promises to open 10 stores in Connecticut

O'Connell also stated that the "thousands" of Connecticut purchase reservations for the Tesla Model 3 vehicle is evidence that there is a strong consumer demand for the company’s electric vehicles.

High sales pace, shrinking inventory in Hudson Valley housing

The inventory of houses listed on the market is down 20 percent this year in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties.

Column: Teamwork leads to sales strength

Make sure you understand the new normal for your customers and appeal to that. Use a team approach to meet the total needs of the company. Lower the company’s risk by involving multiple players. Set goals for each participant that helps individuals play to their strengths.

Whole Foods shares sharply drop

This year, Whole Foods expects to earn $1.52 to $1.56 a share, down from its previous forecast of $1.58 to $1.65 a share.

No boom, but a surge in house sales

Residential real estate brokers closed 31 percent more third-quarter sales in Westchester than a year ago.

Housing market heats up

Single-family homes statewide see sales volume return to 2007 levels.

Ask Andi: Definitely need more sales

Prioritize selling until you know the company can meet its goals for this year, next year and the year after that.

Retailers debut shop-local campaign

"I Shop NY" looks to do for retail what "I Love NY" does for tourism.

CEO Evolution: Developing a business driver reporting system

Norwalk accountant Mark Fagan on the importance of developing a strong, comprehensive and concise system of reporting key business indicators.

When things are quiet, focus

When sales are down, figure out where to focus before it rebounds by working your way through this checklist of questions.

February retail sales post highest gain in months

U.S. retail sales in February posted the highest gain in five months, according to a new Department of Commerce report.

Get a handle on cost to produce

Your company’s goal is to understand and find ways to control and reduce costs while focusing on optimally profitable customers and goods to sell.

Become profitable by predicting the future

Most business owners have a hard time predicting and managing cash flow. Here are a few things you can do to see things more clearly.