Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Despite cost overruns, Rye Town to move out of Town Hall

The government’s attempts to downsize were complicated by higher-than-expected costs, but a deal was struck to lease space in Port Chester’s municipal building.

Rye Town: A case study in governmental layers

Government officials want to eliminate the existence of Rye Town, but the road to dissolution has been paved with red tape and a slew of legal questions.

Rye Town tax law shows early results

Commercial properties, faced with fine, hand over income and expense data.

Rye Town fines uncooperative tax grievers

After 2004 reassessment, commercial filings went up.

Capitol, Neri’s to buy Rye Town Hall

Development partnership seeks to construct 800-space parking garage.

Private entities on public land a focus in Rye

In a judgment that may set the tone for several cases in Westchester County, a judge ruled that Seaside Johnnie’s, the beachfront restaurant located in Rye Town Park, should have its tax exemption reinstated.