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Social media still yields no pot of gold for advertisers

New focus spurred by Facebook's independent audit of advertising metrics.

Making your social media campaign succeed

Try viewing social media as being multilevel with each level being indicative of the extent to which it can help you.

Compete where you’re strongest

Getting traffic is job No. 1 in marketing. If the inflow is big enough, with the right prospects you’re half way home to hitting your sales goals.

How your law firm can be more profitable

A 2012 survey of top law firms had results that left many in the profession concerned about how to increase profitability.

Get more efficient with estimating

Systematize basic sales skills. Create a set of routine questions that every salesperson asks right off the bat in order to get to know what a prospect needs.

Developing a niche market

Tightly define your market and then focus your marketing campaign on what your customer or prospect wants and speak directly to them using plain language.