Friday, September 30, 2022
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Robin Colner: New LinkedIn features to support personal branding for professionals

Social media platforms introduce new features every few months. LinkedIn is no exception. LinkedIn’s growth is accelerating as more professionals at all levels recognize...

Robin Colner: A guide to reboot marketing activities during and after...

Many of us are glued to our computers, phones, digital tablets and televisions during this time of social distancing and the new work-from-home reality. Clients,...

Robin Colner: Get LinkedIn to business with social selling techniques

Now is the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Robin Colner: Six practical tips for digital and social marketing success...

Robin Colner offers her top six digital strategies that business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers should focus on to grow their businesses.

Digital and social media marketing tips presented at Fordham Westchester

Digital and social media marketer Robin Colner will host the June 21 presentation.

Column: Top social media marketing resolutions for 2016

Social media marketing consultant Robin Colner offers a to-do list for everyone working in the field and those brands, businesses, organizations and professionals that want to improve their social media marketing efforts.